What to Do About a Cracked Windshield

damaged windshield wilmington nc

Cracked vehicle glass comes with several unexpected dangers, some of which can be life-threatening. In immediately referring you for reliable mobile repair unit for your windshield or back glass, it’s possible to decrease the opportunities of a bigger issue in the future. Cracks compromise a windshield’s structural integrity If the windshield is cracked, the odds…

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What Do You Do When Someone Scratches Your Vehicle?

stratches and vehicle damage wilmington nc

All of us have experienced those dreaded “scratches.” You come from the grocery store, your job, or the mall and go to the parking spot only to find that your car has experienced damage. Handling Vehicle Scratches In relation to auto insurance coverage, scratches are handled differently. There are factors that determine precisely what sort…

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2020 Mercedes-AMG A35 Sedan Features

2020 merceds amg a35

With a wheelbase 3.8” longer than the Mercedes S3 sedan, the Mercedes A35 boasts 302 hp and 295 pounds-feet of torque, as well as works through a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. Its power goes to a 4Matic AWD system which will distribute torque anywhere from 100% to its front wheels to a 50/50 split…

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Mercedes S-Class Shows Off Up-to-Date Style

While sports utility vehicles and crossovers are still king with consumers today, there is still room for luxury sedans to succeed. The Mercedes S-Class still is a pinnacle of modern-day luxury, which will receive a significant update when the next-gen model arrives for 2021. An endless amount of spy images that date back to 2017,…

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Mercedes-Benz Teases New Concept

Mercedes-Benz recently confirmed the debut of its new concept for January 2020’s Consumer Electronics Show. They’re teasing that the car takes inspiration from ‘one of the entertainment sector’s most innovative brands.’ Mercedes does not provide any more clarification regarding what brand the vehicle may be using for influence. But they indicate that it ‘symbolizes the…

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Mercedes GLE By Larte A Winner

The most recent Mercedes-Benz GLE generation already is a fantastic-looking premium sports utility vehicle, even in non-AMG form. Tuners likely will present a ton of design packages for the high-riding, Germany luxury cruiser very soon, and the first one to appear is a project from Larte Design. Contrary to a few of the company’s prior…

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